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Hayleigh Walker
20 October 2008
Born: 20 October 2008 Aspen Valley Hospital, Colorado, USA

Hayleigh Hazen Walker was born on Monday 20 October 2008 to Louise & Aaron Walker in Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen, Colorado, USA.

Hayleigh is the first child of Louise & Aaron Walker and the first granddaughter to John & Patricia Brennan.

Hayleigh was baptised in the Church of the Holy Spirit, Ballyroan on Saturday 27 December 2008. 

Hayleigh's uncle Paul & Aunt Amanda were proud to be her Godparents. Also present were Hayleigh's parents Louise & Aaron; grandparents Patricia & John; great grandparents Sean & Rosaleen; Louise's godmother Marian and Louise's godchild Alex Henderson along with his parents Susan & Paul Henderson.



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Father: Aaron Walker
Mother: Louise Brennan

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